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What are our kids really learning?

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In addition to teaching these budding adults about taxes, we're here to help the students become more self aware.

College prep, financial aid assistance

From prepping students with resume & cover letter resources

There are so many decisions the young adult in your life

need to make in high school to ensure your college years go smoothly.

With a bit of dedication, we've figured out those college essentials

With tools for parents with students that are college ready

Professional development

Professional development there may be careers these young adults have not considered or even heard of in the fields of: science, space, technology, engineering, arts, and media; pre-covid, O: A™ would team with companies and other organisations for corporate sponsored Shadow Days in order for students to experience a "Day in the Life" of their future career title.

Feelin' insecure? We've got your back.

Especially at this time of our lives, it's easy to feel shy about approaching our parents with all of the questions we have. Operation: ADULTing makes it so easy to ask all the questions we have, silly or not.

What if college isn't meant for me

Pineapple pizza isn't for everyone either! Look, we know how parents can react to the news of not wanting to go to college. Operation: ADULTing™ has checklists and conversation bits in order to help with the decision. Pineapple pizza isn't for everyone either!

professional development

From finding your advisors to figuring out