What We Do

Find out how we're prepping our high schoolers for the future

The "Real World"

Beginning their junior year of high school, young adults make several decisions that effectively spells out the rest of their lives in addition to their identities.

Embarking on the journey of their lifetime, our focus is ensuring they have all the tools they need to solidify their foundation and the knowledge of effective ways to use those tools.


This is the reason we've placed our focus on curating activities that create comfortable spaces for the inquiring minds leaving the confines of high school.

We equip these young adults with monthly activities built to:

- diversify their career ideas

- amplify confidence by encouraging shared learning through civil discourse

- promote positive mental health through mindfulness

- instil financial literacy and goal setting

Here at OPERATION:ย Adulting, our way of paying things forward is by helping out those who need it most. We help these teens eliminate doubt, excuses and the most paralysing of them all: fear.

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