The "Real World"

Sliding into DMs is one thing, but the ability to control your hyperhidrosis and remember details during a nerve-wracking conversation is a skill that is acquired over time.


We want our college seniors to become just as acquainted with networking IRL as they are with doing so virtually as networking is much more than chumming it up to impress residents of the C-suite over a few cocktails; it's an opportunity to create a human resource library which may eventually open an avenue for fresh opportunities!

What's our plan you ask?

- curated networking events in our 21 and over @HΒ³ (AtΒ Home Happy Hour) to help turn the awkward silence to "Pleasure to meet you"

- various monthly panels ranging from Q&As with Leaders Of Colour in diverse industries to learning more about the ever changing civil & digital rights


None of us realise how much the world will change post pandemic but that doesn't mean there aren't alternative ways to slide into the inboxes of those you admire.

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