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Operation: ADULTing® is the first millennial & gen-z run hypeOrg dedicated to representing the under-represented innovators of future generations.

Operation: ADULTing™ Incorporated

Formed to mentor and educate underprivileged minority and LGBTQIA+ high school and college seniors; we're bridging the gap of financial knowledge and the access to that knowledge in order to provide a more solid foundation for future innovators.

Our board is made up of diverse millennials, passionate about leaving a better tomorrow for the generations after us. Consider that "one thing you wish you would've known at an earlier stage in life".  Now, consider passing that knowledge on to these young adults as they embark on their journey into #adulthood.

Now entering:
The Digital Age


2020 was a year of transformation and as everyone becomes accustomed to this new "normal" we need to remind our young adults of, not only their IRL reputations but the importance of their digital identities.

From learning more on property and stock ownership to building a landlord team of friends in FinLit 101 to networking with Leaders of Colour at O: A's virtual appyour with our 21+ crew, we educate our youth to invest in their futures in addition to themselves.

The next generation of innovators need to understand that our lanes may have not been paved the same; a trap could be used as a set up for failure however OR it can be a sign to be aware and conscious of one's surrounding.

Keeping things digital
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Aside from monthly Zoom & Webex panels, our under 21s are encouraged to join virtual activities such as:

- Ramen101: which gives tips on preparing, applying and using your Federal Aid/Grants; now features our BEWARE! series which explains how not to fall for the credit card table and other first year do's & don'ts (and those pesky payment agreements)
- JobZone: panels with L.o.C in diverse industries
- Aight so 'boom: volunteer projects that promote civil discourse while helping our young adults be confident and unapologetic about their talents

when the student becomes the graduate

With our lives moving into the digital age, we're working with other organisations for serious focus on mental health.

In the meantime, our college-aged seniors entering the "real world" will have access to:

- Q&A web-panels with innovators who have paved the way in their fields

- 5-Oh!: discussing your rights and the appropriate information to have in order to deescalate a situation
- $chmoney 101: Discussing your benefits, 401K and navigating the NYC housing lottery and funemployment

The best way to learn is to teach, why not lead by example and mentor the generations following us?

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