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Stealth Engagement Task Force:
Shadow Agents

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Unmasking the Heros of Our Cause

OAI's Outreach Committee

Publicly referred to as OAI's Outreach Committee this Squad employs undercover tactics to penetrate communities to facilitate meaningful connections. Their ability to blend seamlessly allows them to gain valuable insights, understand community dynamics & tailor outreach efforts to effectively engage with diverse audiences.
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Clichy Quinn Laigo

Codename: Cee;
this enigmatic agent hails from Manila, Philippines. She started as a virtual assistant but quickly infiltrated the world of social media! Armed with her inquisitive mind & mastery of online platforms, she wields her digital expertise to command attention & engage audiences. As she continues her covert mission, Agent Cee remains an unstoppable force in the realm of social media, leaving her mark on the digital landscape.

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