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Empowering Tomorrow: Unlocking Grant Opportunities for Real-World Ready Education Initiatives
What motivates me about Operation: ADULTing? As budding adults, we all make mistakes, some of which we aren't so proud of.  But for some reason, we hide those mistakes instead of allowing others to have the opportunity to learn from them.  This is especially true when it comes to single parent, no parent and expat parent households.  More importantly, there is some information that those who aren't from the United States of America simple aren't privy to.

What's the story behind Operation: ADULTing? I've been made fun of for always wanting to help others.In a way, I firmly believe there was a bit of divine intervention with Operation: ADULTing.

What are the opportunities and challenges with ruinning Operation: ADULTing?Where do I begin??  From assistants who submit themselves for opportunities instead of submitting our organisation as they were hired to do, to other organiasations stealing our programme ideas, it's been difficult learning that not everyone is as altruistic as they try to claim they are.