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Frequently Asked Questions

Operative FAQs: Your Guide to Our Programme Structure, Fundraising Recons & Elite Corps

What is Operation: ADULTing®'s mission?

Operation: ADULTing® - the ultimate guide in conquering the unknowns of adulthood.  As fellow recent grads, we understand firsthand the unprecedented obstacles today’s youth face in their journey towards independence.

The mission is clear: empower high school & college students with the knowledge, tools & unwavering support they need to thrive in the real world.  At Operation: ADULTing®, we've curated a cutting-edge program that goes beyond the basics. From professional development & financial literacy to the revolutionary concept of Inner Engineering or what we call ID202X, we've got it covered. Our comprehensive, digitally-driven village equips young adults with the skills & tools necessary to break through barriers & achieve unparalleled success in the modern era.

Where does Operation: ADULTing® operate?

Since receiving our 501(c)(3) status in the United States of America in 2020, we currently have operatives in North America, Great Britain, Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana & the Philippines.
After a significant growth spurt, we've slowed down but will continue our reach in African, Asian & Middle Eastern nations.

Are your activities available to the public?

In the covert world of Operation: ADULTing®, we know the allure of our missions is too intriguing to resist. That's why we grant exclusive clearance for a sneak peek into our operations, allowing public access to select board meetings and key activities. Our aim? To quench your curiosity while still operating under the radar.

However, in this high-stakes game of tech & innovation, not all secrets can be shared immediately. Our commitment to protecting the classified intel & personal identities of our student agents is paramount. We've already experienced our fair share of espionage from rival organizations trying to intercept our unique program strategies.

So, while we conduct our missions behind the veil of secrecy, fear not: we eventually declassify these adventures, releasing the final dossiers for public consumption. It's our way of balancing the thrill of secrecy with the need for transparency.

Stay tuned & witness how we're reshaping the future, one mission at a time!

Can you tell me more about your strategic alliances?

Certainly! In the covert world of Operation: ADULTing®, our strategic alliances are akin to forming powerful coalitions with fellow agencies-of-good. We collaborate with a network of elite organizations, each bringing their unique expertise & resources to the table. These alliances are meticulously forged to enhance our operational capabilities, be it through shared technology, joint missions in education & training, or collaborating on innovative projects. Our partners range from tech giants & educational institutions to other non-profit operatives, all united in a common goal: to empower & equip our agents with the best tools & intel for their missions. Each alliance is a crucial piece of our strategy, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of technological advancement, educational excellence & social impact.

How does Operation: ADULTing obtain their funding?

The resources we seek from our corporate partners extend beyond monetary donations. We place great importance on practical tools like job preparation assistance, resume critiquing & life skills training. These resources are often more impactful than cash, as they provide our students with the skills & confidence necessary to succeed in the real world.

At Operation: ADULTing®, we operate under the 501(c)(3) command, which means $0.00 operational fees per month. All you'll need is Wi-Fi.

Operation: ADULTing® obtains funding primarily through partnerships with corporations and organizations. Alongside financial aid, we highly value in-kind contributions of resources pivotal to our mission. This includes mentorship programs, job preparation assistance, life skills training, and donations of gently used MacBooks, which are instrumental in providing our students with the necessary technology for their educational and professional development. While we appreciate monetary donations, our funding model emphasizes a holistic approach to support, focusing on contributions that extend beyond financial assistance. These resources, including technology like MacBooks, play a crucial role in enriching the learning experience and empowering our students with practical skills and tools.

What if I'm not located in the United States?

Presently, our network extends across a global stage, encompassing strategic operations within the United States, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Cameroon & the Philippines. Further, we're orchestrating plans to deepen our covert alliances with key operatives & establishments in Haiti, Indonesia & the United Arab Emirates, expanding our reach & fortifying our international presence.

What is included in the cost of the programme?

Included in the mission kit as an agent-in-training, you'll receive one (1) state-of-the-art VR headset + controllers – your essential gear for immersive operations. Each month, you'll embark on three specialized activities, designed to challenge & hone your skills. As you approach the culmination of your training, we'll initiate a bespoke mentor matching protocol, pairing you with an experienced operative to guide you through the final stages of your mission prep & ensure you're ready for graduation into the field."

Are Contributions to your Operations Tax-Deductible?

Yes! In the global arena of covert operations for social good, each country has its own unique code for non-profit entities:
United States: In the US, are mobilized under the 501(c)(3) designation, a special ops code under the IRS, granting these entities tax-exempt status & allowing them to run covert missions for public good.
United Kingdom: The realm of UK non-profits is navigated through 'Registered Charities,' certified by respective charity commissions, and equipped with tax relief shields.
Nigeria: Here, non-profit agents operate under the banner of 'Incorporated Trustees,' strategically aligned with the Corporate Affairs Commission, serving as the standard for charities & NGOs.
Cameroon: In Cameroon's mission field, non-profits are classified as 'Associations,' recognized under the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, operating as key operatives in the NGO sector.
Philippines: Filipino non-profits embark on their missions as 'Non-stock, Non-profit Corporations,' registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission & armed with tax exemption capabilities.
Each sector operates under a distinct set of rules & regulations, forming a network of international allies in the quest for positive change & social impact.

How do I know this is the right programme for me?

Well that depends, are you a high school, college or university junior or senior? If so, our programme was literally built for this very moment of your life.
Determining your alignment with Operation: ADULTing® is crucial. This program is more than just learning; it’s about embarking on an adventurous journey of growth & discovery. Are you drawn to breaking codes, solving tech mysteries or leading innovative projects? Do you see yourself thriving in an environment where creativity meets technology & where every challenge is an opportunity to excel? If your ambition is to be at the forefront of digital innovation & to join a community of future-shapers, then this is your arena. Your readiness to engage, learn & innovate is the compass that points to us as the right programme for you."

Ok, but what if I'm not that great with technology?

At Operation: ADULTing®, we highly value honesty & clarity about our programme's requirements. Our missions, particularly those in the virtual reality realm, require a certain level of comfort & proficiency with technology. Given that our meetings & a significant portion of our activities take place in VR, it is essential for our operatives to have a foundational understanding & ease with tech. If you feel less confident in this area, our program might present considerable challenges in keeping pace with the group. We believe in setting up our agents for success & part of that is ensuring they're well-equipped for the technological aspects of our adventures. However, if you're keen on building your tech skills first, we encourage you to explore foundational courses in technology & perhaps re-evaluate joining us in the future once you've bolstered your tech skills.

Can I contribute to Operation Adulting® if I have already transitioned into adulthood?

Definitely! We're on the lookout for alumni and seasoned operatives eager to contribute to our mission. By imparting your wisdom, stepping into a mentor role, or bolstering our operations, you can make a significant impact. Your wealth of experience and knowledge is a treasure trove for our agents, enriching their journey with invaluable insights.

How can I enlist?

Your mission begins at our virtual headquarters. Access our website and locate the 'Enlist Now' beacon. This is your launchpad to a world of challenges and triumphs. Complete the application form with the precision of a master spy, providing all the intel we need to understand your unique skills and aspirations. Once you hit 'submit', you’re one step closer to the action-packed world of ADULTing®. We can't wait to welcome you to our team of trailblazing disruptors!

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