CareerOps: The Fusion Point of Professional Expertise & Passionate Pursuits

Diverse group of young adults in  a CV & cover letter workshop, set in a bright, modern office space, capturing the essence of collaboration and support in career preparation.

Mission Briefing

Professional Development

Welcome to JobZone, known in our covert circles as CareerDiv' – your secret dossier for career mastery. Here, you'll embark on missions to craft the perfect CV & cover letter, master the art of interviewing & networking, learn the strategies of negotiating a hire contract and discover the finesse of post-interview follow-ups.

Under Operation 21 (O21), network like a pro at our exclusive @HHH: At Home Happy Hour, a fundraising event that's more than just socializing – it's about connecting for impact.

Imagine a world of careers in science, space, tech, engineering, arts, and media – some you haven't even dreamed of yet! Before the world turned virtual, O: A™ joined forces with leading organizations for corporate-sponsored Shadow Days, giving our young agents a real-world sneak peek into their future roles.

This isn't just about glimpsing the future; it's about shaping it. These experiences provide invaluable insights for our young adults, offering a front-row seat to their potential paths. Simultaneously, it's a chance for businesses to witness how the next generation is gearing up to address and solve the challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Strategic Focus Points

The Coordinates of Our Success: areas where our expertise and passion converge to create extraordinary outcomes in technology, education & personal development.

First Assignment: Initiating Your Professional Journey

Our first operation involves assisting them in crafting a compelling LinkedIn profile, complete with securing endorsements from their favourite teachers during their final week of high school and university.

By the end of their time with us, "recruits"
• have gained insight on applicable practical & theoretical transferable skills to upgrade their resumes
• are trained to strategically omit certain details like their full address or graduation year, enhancing their security both online & IRL

• build professional relationships
• receive mentorship from a few people working directly in their

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What's VR got to do with this?

Our interactive VR scenarios provides young adults with realistic simulations, including
• virtual mock interviews: these scenarios encompass both sides of the interview battleground - operatives find themselves not only in the hot seat as interviewees but also as the masterminds behind the interrogation by playing the role of interviewer.
• networking events: equipping students with the skills needed to navigate the professional world confidently. Our innovative approach ensures that they are not just ready but ahead in the game of professional development.

Our recruits are immersed into the heart of the action with VR-powered simulations. These virtual scenarios not only prepare them for the professional world but also give them a unique perspective.

These immersive VR experiences ensure that our students are not merely entering the professional world with confidence, but they are doing so with an enriched understanding of the dynamics of the hiring process & networking. This innovative training puts them a step ahead in their professional development journey, equipping them with insights & skills that are seldom gained before entering the workforce.

The top portion of the flyer poses the question "WHEN?" followed by an answer that reads "3rd Wednesday of each month," suggesting that this is a recurring event.

Two logos are prominently displayed in circular designs. The first logo is for "Operation: Adulting," which is described as the official society inspiring future generations of innovators. It's paired with the logo of "VR NETWORKING," identified as a CONINVR community. Between these logos, a small "&" symbol signifies a collaboration between the two entities.

The bottom half of the flyer contains two sets of text that are likely room codes for accessing the virtual event. "VRN's Room code" is listed as "VKG648" and "OAI's Room code" as "DGFI22*." There's a footnote to OAI's code that states, "*you'll see a portal to transport you," indicating a feature of the virtual environment where participants will be taken to a different virtual space.

Practicals & Theoreticals

In the tactical landscape of career exploration, Operation ADULTing® illuminates a strategic pathway often overlooked: the pursuit of opportunities within subsidiaries rather than solely focusing on the parent companies. We teach our recruits to consider the diverse array of opportunities within the realms of tech. Using Microsoft and Amazon as examples:
Alibaba for instance, has subsidiaries such as Youku, Sesame Credit & AliExpress each providing diverse opportunities within the entertainment, tech & e-commerce landscapes.
Microsoft, with subsidiaries like LinkedIn, GitHub & Xbox, each offering unique cultural and professional experiences.
Amazon owns Twitch, Audible & Whole Foods, each with its own distinct environment & career paths.

This approach is akin to identifying hidden gems on a covert mission – working for subsidiaries often offer several unique vantage points for growth, more personalized experiences and the agility of smaller teams, while still benefiting from the resources and reputation of the larger parent entity.

We guide our agents to navigate this terrain, leveraging the advantages of these dynamic environments as they embark on their professional quests.

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