Unveiling the Challenges Faced

Martina Inumidun Iwala®
July 11, 2023
5 min read

Transparency & Accountability

Operation: ADULTing™'s Commitment to Progress

Dear readers and valued supporters of Operation: ADULTing™,


We humbly extend our deepest apologies for the prolonged "radio silence" that has befallen our organization. We understand the importance of maintaining open communication with our dedicated community, and we regret any frustration caused by our recent absence. In this blog post, we will shed light on the reasons behind this extended period of silence, addressing issues related to restructuring, stolen program ideas, subpar contractors, and the lack of grant applications.

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Restructuring & the Theft of Programme Ideas:

Furthermore, it saddens us to acknowledge that some of our program ideas were stolen by much larger & stronger organisations. This unfortunate incident has resulted in delays and setbacks as we strive to maintain the integrity and originality of our initiatives. However, we assure you that we are taking strict measures to address this issue and protect our intellectual property moving forward.

While recent changes were necessary to enhance our operational efficiency & expand our capabilities, they inadvertently led to a disruption in our regular communication channels. We deeply regret any inconvenience caused during this transition period.

Moving Forward together:

As we embark on this fresh start

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As we emerge from this period of disruption, we recommit ourselves to fostering transparency, improving our communication channels, and strengthening our programs. We value your trust and unwavering support, and we want to assure you that Operation: ADULTing™ remains committed to its mission of empowering individuals to navigate the challenges of adulthood.

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Martina Inumidun Iwala®
July 11, 2023
5 min read